桃之畅想|Imagination of peach
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I met you for the first time in the book of songs, which is a classic work that has been handed down from generation to generation These two sentences, eight words, are charming and romantic. They are plump and full. They hurt your eyes, amazed your descendants, and became the origin of countless classics and legends.



Bai Juyi's poem said: "in April, the world is full of beautiful flowers, and the peach blossom in the temple begins to bloom." When I first read it, I didn't realize its charm. Only when I saw its reality could I understand the poet's unique insight and beautiful heart. Peach, you can be beautiful all over the mountains and fields, but you can also be surrounded by sandalwood, in the morning and evening drums quietly, unrestrained, no love, no demand, and with the clear wind and bright moon, a good free flying, perhaps, only the enduring loneliness, is the last performance of the world!



"The peach blossom in the path is in new rain, and the horse crow has nowhere to avoid the residual red." Peach blossom in spring rain, this scene should belong to the south of the Yangtze River. In the gentle drizzle, the color of peach is not half charming. Even the naughty horse now knows how to cherish the fragrance and jade. He can't bear to trample on the jade. However, he can't resist the fierce wind that night. He can't resist the fate. He can't thank the peach in spring. The flowers are just like this. Life is just like this.



Once upon a time, in a peach forest, a man saw a peach woman's smile, he was fascinated and missed his life. Once upon a time, under the same peach forest, a woman was trapped and met the green shirted elegant man in her heart. Then her heart was shaken by God and her lovesickness became a disease. You are still elegant, I am still fresh and elegant, but our fate is fixed in the peach blossom forest, like it? Rotten, as short as it is. Peach, you arouse people's too much fancy and reverie, and also attract countless infatuated men and women to be crazy later, but you can stay out of the world and pretend not to know.



Your delicate cheeks reveal your mind and also hold my mind. Under the hero's tent, there are still songs and dances, while the beauty is drunk at dusk. You shouldn't have such an ending. Diaochan, a woman who is as gorgeous as a peach. When you face Guan Yunchang's Yanyue Dao, the saying "peach blossom in troubled times chases the current" slowly comes out, telling how many beautiful tears her daughter has in troubled times, and writing an important footnote for your legendary life.



Sometimes, you and I are only separated by a door, or just a window, and more often, they just look up and turn around, but it's such a tiny difference, but they miss each other, doomed to this life. When Li Xiangjun's blood splashed peach blossom fan that moment, the tragedy is a tragedy completely, the people who love each other can't resist the death, the most painful in the world! Love a person to be willing to pay, willing to be lonely, but love is the legend of two people, and the hand pillow that person, at the moment, but the heart of the peach forest, it seems that the peach blossom is bright and beautiful can not be square things, just like qianxiao Yi people.



Turn the kindness of the past life into the tears of this life and return them to you. The pink tears flowing from the corner of your eyes are my soul. Do you see them? I love you with all my strength. You are a cinnabar mole in my heart. I can't forget how you want to forget it. It will itch when I touch it, but I have no regrets. Peach blossom falling posture, as I love your heart, as determined. How can I do nothing to resist the fate of the world, pick up and bury them one by one, and gradually bury my own thoughts, "a pure land to cover the wind and current" is my last fate. I don't know if my last leave can bring back the original beauty of our life. If life is just like the first sight, maybe all these things are destined to be in the power. Peach as short-lived beauty, although regret but really have, so I leave with a smile, I only hate their own life thin as peach, you can't do my eternal flower bells, strange only strange, each other's fate is too shallow.



When the soft spring breeze caresses the cheek, but you gently stroke it with poetic hands? When the kingfisher sings the first song, but you use the beautiful breath to blow away the haze of the sky?