写在雨天|Written on rainy days
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I like rainy days, driving out the sile


I like rainy days, driving out the silence in the mountains. Small drops of water on the lotus leaf, on the roof and on the road can make a harmonious and happy music. In the music, the branches are intoxicated and full of mist.



Birds are still singing in the clouds and mist in the distance. They may have been wet by the rain for a long time, and their wings will be heavy because of the arrival of the rainy day.



But they don't know the hardships of life. In their mouths, every day is a happy day, and every sad fact is told as a fairy tale by them. In the days, they constantly refresh their views for life and enrich themselves for empty years. They are as full as the fruit on the branch.



The rain has been continuously washing the earth. I really want to wear thin clothes and rush into the rain without an umbrella, but I'm afraid that my parents will scold me, halve my happiness and intimidate me with the reason of illness. I hesitated for a long time, so I had to take back the foot that had already stepped out of the eaves, retreat into the room and stay quietly.



Under the rain, we have to be busy and diligent. Who is like a man, only his eyes are eager to look out of the door. They can't hear each other's voice clearly. They can only see her mouth moving, her eyes blinking and her face smiling. Ears have been dominated by the sound of rain. Dense raindrops are splashed down hard and fall on the ground, trees and roofs. It's really a feeling of pleasure, gratitude and hatred, and wandering alone in the Jianghu. This raindrop is like a kind of warm-hearted chivalrous man. If the dry land becomes a disaster, they will flock to it.



The mood in rainy days is quiet, and the thoughts are slow. The father weaves his bamboo basket under the eaves, while the mother, sleepy, has long been lying on the sofa, into sweet dreams.



A drop of rain gently hit the ground, like a finger touching the chest. The closer the place is, the more comfortable and warm it is. The ditch carefully collects every trickle, then expands itself, and drives far away to open up a wider world.



The power of life lies in collection, and the power of soul lies in giving. Collect the misfortunes of fate, pay all the emotions, then the blank life will be gorgeous.



Those nameless flowers, also exist in the world, but unknown, open life.



Rainy day is not a time for crying. The bitterness and past of those who have stained the dust can just be wasted in the hands of rainy day. Rainy day, let you know new things, new yourself.



Rainy days belong to this season. Rainy day, you also belong to me! Belong to all the people or things like you in the world, I can't take you as my own, you can't only belong to me. You belong to everyone, you belong to the world. This earth is rich because of you, and I am happy because of you!